Let your customers use Online Sizing to get the right frame size.

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  • Boost conversion rate
  • Minimize returns
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How to benefit from Online Sizing

Increase your conversion rate

Your online customer has to decide which size he needs before adding a bike to the cart. The number one reason for canceled purchases at this point is uncertainty regarding the bike size! Smartfit Online Sizing delivers certainty for shoppers when trying to find the correct frame size. This will improve conversion rates and sales in your online shop.


Reduce your return rate

Precise size recommendations are very helpful to avoid costly returns that are caused by wrong frame sizes. Achieve increased customer satisfaction through greater quality and efficiency in your service - with Smartfit Online Sizing.

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How does Online Sizing work?



The patented Smartfit algorithm forms the basis for Smartfit Online Sizing, which is already in use in research and top-level sport for many years. Moreover, also our diverse measurement-systems for bike retailers and the training support we offer in our fitting labs in Freiburg, Munich and Frankfurt are essentially based on it. That is why your customers get scientifically calculated seating positions and individually derived size recommendations.

Bike database

Like all Smartfit systems, our Online Sizing uses the world’s largest bike database with bike and frame details. It contains more than 100 manufacturers and 15.000 bike models - updated continously. As a result, we are able to give individual size recommendations for almost every bike.


Smart calculation

Online sizing has to be as easy as possible. The customer therefore does not have to measure himself, but only specify his height while arm and leg length are calculated automatically. This is made possible by a huge profile database of more than 10.000 cyclists we have measured and anonymized. Moreover, all values ​​can also be specified individually if required. For those who deviate from the standard or want a millimeter-accurate calculation.

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Designed for every type

The Smartfit database is updated continously with around 15.000 bike models from over 100 manufacturers every year. These updates contain geometry data for every type of bike – Racing, Mountain Bikes, City– and Trekking bikes and of course Ebikes of all sorts.


The best performance on every device

The Online Sizing Widget easily adapts to any screen size. As a result, you don’t have to worry about performance issues. So whether you have a responsive layout or an extra layout for mobile devices, you can use the same embed code.

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Perfectly matched to your design

We adjust the Online Sizing widget with colors and fonts to your individual shop design. The customer experiences the sizing process as if it is an integral part of your own online service. Thus, your website and your brand will be upgraded.


Product sync

As the first step, we’ll check which Brands you’re selling in your shop. Usually we have most of those in our database already – and we’ll add the missing ones for you.

We can get going right away in any case – we don’t need a 100% data overlap for Online Sizing to work.

Design Customization

We’ll adjust colors and fonts for you, to perfectly match your shop design. The Online Sizing widget is very versatile and integrates into any design seamlessly.

If you like, you can absolutely be part of this process and we’ll adjust every detail to your liking.

Frontend Implementation

These few lines of JavaScript code need to be implemented into your shop frontend. Everything else is loaded asynchronously.

The only info we need from you is the EAN/GTIN, UPC or manufacturer SKU code (i.e. from the XS frame size) to identify the bike in our database.

Check out our docs for implementation details.


We will assist in testing and will verify that sizing works as expected, as soon as your have the Online Sizing widget running in your staging/testing environment.

Live Deployment

You can deploy Smartfit Online Sizing to your production environment whenever you’re ready.

No need to check with us – though we’d love to to part of the party of course!

Eurobike Gold Award Winner 2018 Smartfit Online Sizing

This very useful measuring software takes all relevant components into account. Thanks to a large geometry database of real measurements, the various options for each bicycle model are shown.

Statement of the Eurobike Award jury

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Any questions?

What is the effort to integrate Online Sizing?

Smartfit Online Sizing can quickly and easily be integrated into your online store. To install the widget, your IT support just has to insert an HTML snippet in the template of your product detail page. The widget needs these few lines of HTML code to send a signal to the Smartfit server and reload the rest of the app logic, whenever the product detail page is loaded by a customer.

What does Online Sizing cost?

Please get in touch with us. We are happy to make an individual agreement with each of our customers. We offer a cost-per-sizing or cost-per-order model suitable to your business plan and we like to grow together with you.

Is your tool consistent with the GDPR?

Of course! Although the Smartfit Online Sizing needs individual body data, the data is never associated with the individual customer. Our Online Sizing is therefore easy to reconcile with the new GDPR guidelines. That’s the job of our data protection officer.

Can I customize the widget to my own design?

We developed the Online Sizing widget as a so-called white label solution. This means that you can choose the colors as well as the fonts of the widget individually. As a result, Smartfit Online Sizing blends seamlessly into your shop and is perfectly integrated into your design. For a perfect customer experience on your website.

Does the Online Sizing work for all bikes in my shop?

Our huge bike database currently contains more than 15.000 bike models and continues to grow. That’s why we’re indeed able to give individual size recommendations for almost all bike models on the market. However, if you have special manufacturers or models in your shop that are not yet listed in our database, we will, of course, do our best to change this as soon as possible. We basically support all types of bikes, e.g. road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes and e-bikes.

Can I use the survey data for my own evaluations?

Absolutely. For all sizings we log the entered body height, arm and leg length as well as frame size recommendations. Combine this with the according bike models and you have a powerful dataset to analyze. You are free to use it for your own interest, e.g. calculating demand based on frame sizes. This is valuable information for purchasing or production.

Are you interested?

Please arrange a personal appointment for more information. We look forward to reinvent the world of bike E-commerce with you!

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