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Integrated in 3 hours


Data synchronization

First, we check which bike brands you have in your shop. Experience has shown that the majority of the bikes are already in our database. We will add missing data for you. In any case, we can start immediately - a 100% overlap with our database is not necessary.


Design adjustments

You can customize colors and fonts so that online sizing fits perfectly into your shop design. If you have special requests, we will of course be happy to implement them.


Implementation in the shop frontend

These few lines of JavaScript code must be implemented in the shop front end. Everything else is reloaded asynchronously. Only an EAN / UPC or SKU (e.g. from the smallest frame) is transmitted to our API to start online sizing.

Live Deployment

Smartfit Online Sizing is always ready to be deployed in your live environment. No further coordination with us is necessary - we are of course happy to be there!

Technical documentation for implementation

Here you can find our DOCs for your development team

Online Sizing Docs
Contact Person
Dr. Björn Stapelfeldt

Dr. Björn Stapelfeldt

Bruno Schotten

Bruno Schotten

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